Courage Talks

Courage Talks - Tough Subjects. Honest Conversations.
  • Chemotherapy


    Cheryl, Natalie and Brett, discuss the physical and emotional experiences of undergoing Chemotherapy.

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  • Handling Fear

    Handling Fear

    Tina, Irma, and Darrell, talk about the fears they had when first diagnosed with the disease and how they learned to handle it.

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  • Relationships


    Carol and Lisa talk about the ways breast cancer affected their marriages. Nicole talks about dating after breast cancer.

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  • Talking To Your Kids

    Talking To Your Kids

    Natalie and Tina and Dora discuss different approaches to talking to their children about breast cancer.

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  • Telling Others

    Telling Others

    Ruby, Lisa and Darrell talk about breaking the news of their diagnoses to their loved ones, friends and co-workers.

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  • Reconstruction


    Nicole, Dora and Carol discuss reasons, decisions and outcomes of breast reconstruction after initial surgery.

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  • Losing Your Hair

    Losing Your Hair

    Nicole, Tina and Cheryl talk about hair loss during Chemotherapy, discussing self-esteem and self-discovery.

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  • How Your Life is Different

    How Your Life is Different

    Irma, Carol, and Brett, talk about both the negative and the positive aspects life after breast cancer.

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