Models of Courage and their Warrior Symbols
Carrie Ann Vieceli
Steve Del Gardo

» Meet the Models of Courage

Learn the special meaning behind all of the Warriors in Pink Symbols.
The Warriors
Represent the powerful and the courageous who fight against breast cancer.
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Represents life. A conduit through which physical and spiritual energies flow.
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War Paint
Worn by Warriors ready to enter battle.
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Angel Wings
Honor the angels who have passed after their fight against breast cancer.
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Represent life, growth and survival.
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Represents those who stand strong with loved ones who battle the disease.
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Crowned Warriors
Remind us that breast cancer touches the lives of both genders.
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Represents kinship. Also, traditionally used in times of battle.
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A French word meaning “rafter,” it signifies protection.
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Represents the wish for a quiet peace during the heat of battle.
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Tree of Love
Represents those who grow and stand tall together through adversity.
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Warrior's Circle
Represents the power of thousands of Warriors uniting together.
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