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How can paper cranes bring more good days to breast cancer patients? Just ask Wingy Lam, a 13-year survivor and origami artist. She worked with Ford Warriors in Pink® to create an installation made of more than 2,200 cranes. And it made her happier than ever.

Wingy’s story begins in 2002, as she accompanied a friend to a breast exam, simply to help her translate. Afterward, Wingy decided to perform her own self-exam, discovering a lump that would lead to a series of life-changing events.

While recovering from her first surgery at age 34, a second lump was detected, prompting more surgeries and a complicated reconstruction, leaving Wingy in a state of depression. One day during her battle, Wingy’s husband brought home a pack of origami paper to help her focus on something “else.” 300 sheets of colored paper later, Wingy was hooked.

Since then, Wingy has been making friends, families and clients happy as a successful origami artist. But it wasn’t until recently that one of her creations turned into one of the happiest moments of her life.

When Wingy was asked to help construct a special installation for a Ford Warriors in Pink event that was going to surprise breast cancer patients with more good days, she instantly fell in love. Then she immediately began work on Cranes of Hope & Strength, an origami piece symbolizing hope for health and recovery through strength and courage.

After folding and stringing over 2,200 paper cranes, Wingy flew to Detroit to assemble the piece. But it wasn’t until she attended the 1,000 Cranes for a Good Day event that she began to realize what an amazing thing she’d done…

During the event, patients and supporters received their own paper cranes, surprise gifts, and some very special wishes came true. Throughout it all, Cranes of Hope & Strength stood tall. So did Wingy. While teaching people how to believe in themselves through folding origami, she was also able to see the reactions to her work firsthand – and was astounded at how much it meant to breast cancer patients. By showing up to help give more good days to others, Wingy experienced one of the best days of her life in return.

Today, the most meaningful folds of Wingy’s life continue to give hope, strength and more good days to those who truly need them at the breast cancer organization where Ford Warriors in Pink donated her installation.

Watch the video below to see Wingy’s creation and how she helped Ford Warriors in Pink give #moregooddays.

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