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Laurie Tennent

Cue the Music. Hit the dance floor. Fun, strength and reconnection.

While I was going through months of treatment, our car seemed to be on auto pilot to the hospital: Eight minutes to get there, ten minutes to park. Countless treatments, filling out forms, explaining my story again and again. It was upsetting for both my husband and me. Not to mention that the changing painful body I was now living in and crazy mood swings from all the medications was so unexpected.

After a year of exhaustion, we were offered dance lessons and a chance to be a part of Dancing with the Survivors, an event sponsored by The Pink Fund. We were both nervous, but we decided to try something new. The day we stepped onto the floor and faced each other holding hands, music playing, our eyes meeting for the first time in ages, we both welled up with tears. These were not the tears caused by doctors or pain or bad news. This was pure joy and the reconnection that we needed.

We had made it through and here we were together … dancing! We practiced the tango for eight weeks before the event. It was great to feel my body not only working again, but actually getting stronger than before. Lots of hugging, lots of laughter and it was simply fun to be alive, in love and moving on … together.

Laurie, Ford Warriors in Pink/Model of Courage