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Every Day is a Good Day for a Workout.

Before my breast cancer journey, I loved going to the gym. I went three times a week with friends. It was a good way to de-stress. But all of that stopped in November of 2012 when I was diagnosed with Stage One Breast Cancer.

Having to undergo four rounds of chemo, I was unable to do any type of physical activity due to fatigue. I felt as if I’d lost some muscle strength throughout my body, so I waited about three months after my chemo before heading back to the gym.

This time, I decided to do cross training. My friends thought I was crazy since it is 10 times harder than my normal workout had been, but I love challenges. So in June of 2013, on my first day of training, I had the local news station there filming me. That was a bit crazy, but I needed to let everyone know how important it is to exercise post-chemo.

Exercising is a great way for breast cancer patients to eliminate stress and keep weight in check after chemo. It helps to fight the side effects and weight gain often caused by medication. Overall, I recommend that all survivors and co-survivors find an exercise program designed for you. I guarantee that it will improve your quality of life and give you more good days!

Steve, Ford Warriors in Pink/Model of Courage