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As a breast cancer patient, you can always use more good days. But undeniably, there will be times when they feel hard to come by. That’s where the Gratitude Jar comes in. The idea behind it (and making one) is simple. You pull reminders of good days from a jar to help you pull through the ones that could be better.

How do I create my own Good Days Gratitude Jar?

Step 1:
Find a jar. You can also use a cookie tin, a fish bowl or anything else that you can collect notes in.

Step 2:
Make your jar your own. Decorate with anything that makes you happy. Use bright ribbon, photos of loved ones, colorful stickers or drawings. Or print the labels below that we’ve created just for you.

Step 3:
Write down the good stuff. When you’re happy, proud of or thankful for something – jot it down! Then fold up your note and drop it in your jar.

Step 4:
Reach for a reminder of a good day. When you’re facing a tough day, read one of your notes as a reminder of a time you’ve cherished or triumphed and know that you can make it through.

Printable Gratitude Jar labels.

Got a jar? Or a box or a bowl? Simply click here to print these labels, cut and glue – then voila! You’re ready for good things. Don’t forget to make one for a friend too.