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Marisol Rodriguez De Lort

  • age: 57
  • year of diagnosis: 2005
  • survivor years: Nine years and counting
  • current city: Portland, OR
  • type of breast cancer: Resettable Stage II breast cancer
  • profession: Professor of Spanish language and literature and dual-credit Spanish
  • children: We have four cats named Mao, Lady, Rosie and Duchess.

About Marisol

Before surgery and chemotherapy, Marisol led a hectic life focused on her four kids (her daughter Ariel is a Model of Courage), husband, graduate courses and jobs teaching Spanish at a middle school and a college. “Fatigue from treatment forced me to slow down enough to reconnect with my individuality; cancer gave me permission to take care of myself. Looking back, I see that I kept a lot of pain inside, pushed down. My warrior’s journey required me to find the courage to let pain out, express my feelings and share both the bad and good times of my life.”


Who is your favorite hero of fiction?
Batman and Catwoman.
Who are your heroes in real life?
a) My heroes who inspire me every day are my children at home, my students at Madison High School, and my college students at Concordia University in Portland. They are amazing young human beings who inspire me to hope, strive and dream. I am very honored to be their mother and/or teacher.

b) Single parents that hard work every day in order to take care of and protect their children.

c) Women, men and children from this country, my country, and from around the world. Everyday people, because in each of them I see my reflection as I see yours.

d) My beautiful cancer survivor-sisters from the Pink Phoenix Dragon Boat team. They embraced me as a member of their loving family and introduced me to the love of paddling. It increased my awareness of the possibility to have a quality life after surviving cancer and how paddling can support our pink sisters around the world.

e) My doctors, nurses, and medical staff at Kaiser Permanente, especially Dr. Swarth, Dr. Benedeti and Dr. Ellis. Not only were they a team of skilled doctors, they treated me with love and respect.
What do you most value in your friends?
Their trust.
What was your darkest hour?
When I got the news about the cancer, I was terrified not about dying, but about who would take care of my children.
What was your brightest hour?
Every second after I heard the news that I was clear from cancer.
What is your greatest joy?
To be able to see and be with my family.
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