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Kim Heard

  • age: 64
  • year of diagnosis: 1995
  • survivor years: 21 years
  • current city: Miami, FL
  • type of breast cancer: DCIS STAGE 2
  • profession: Cosmetologist & Event Planner
  • children: 1 (38)

About Kim


What is your idea of happiness?
Being surrounded by my loved ones, knowing that
we are all healthy, prosperous (spiritually & financially), and fulfilling our purpose is
my idea of happiness. I experience a heightened sense of happiness when I'm
conscientious about the welfare of my loved ones and nurturing them in some capacity.
When and where were you happiest?
I'm an avid gardener and love watching
beautiful butterflies, listening to birds chirping, seeing plants grow and flower (Blue
Plumbago, Tomato Red, Manila Red, Crimson Red, & California Gold Bougainvillea,
Impatients, Orchids, and Peace Lilies), waves slapping the shoreline, gentle breeze
on my skin, starry moonlit skies, and all things flora. I feel more connected to my
ancestors, nature, and God when I look around and survey the majesty of creation, I
am in awe and happiest.
What is your biggest fear?
I don't fear much because God's Word says in II Timothy
1:7 "I have not given you a spirit of fear, but of power and of love, and of a sound
mind." When fear tries to rear it's ugly head I remember this scripture and feel more
empowered, confident, and more fearless. I believe in surrendering that which I
cannot control to God.
Who are your heroes in real life?
I have many Heroes and Sheroes in my life. My
mother who beginning at age 19 was the caregiver for her mother, father, 2 sisters,
niece, and myself (all had cancer, I'm the only survivor), my sister (battling
Fibromyalgia), my daughter (setting a great example for her 2 daughters), 3 cousins
(breast cancer survivors), and the countless breast cancer survivors that I've
personally met (some are still fighting and some have made their transition).
What do you most value in your friends?
My friends know that they don't have to come every time I'm in the hospital or under the weather, but when I call with a rare craving I need whoever is on the other end of my call to make it happen. Each friend has different endearing qualities that are special to me like praying, listening, shopping, humor, cooking, massage and more humor.
Which talent would you most like to have?
I would love to be gifted with a beautiful voice to sing (preferably strong, bring tears to your eyes, glass shattering soprano). Carrying a note is certainly not my strength, however every chance I get I'm singing my little heart out because I keep a song in my heart.
What is your current state of mind?
I'm in a great place spiritually, emotionally and
mentally. I practice what I preach when it comes to not sweating the small stuff, I
intentionally relinquish that which I cannot control, consequently I've never been more
at peace spiritually and I'm loving my life.
What is your most treasured possession?
My most treasured possessions are my
relationship with God, my loved ones, my peace, my health, my sense of humor
(couldn't survive without humor) and last but not least the time I have here on earth.
All of these components are like perfect fitting puzzle pieces and I cherish each and
every component in a special way.
How do you most like spending your time?
I enjoy spending quality time with my
family, we are working on our family tree and learning so many interesting facts such
as, in my paternal grandmothers' lineage there were never any slaves. I also love,
love, love spending time in my little piece of paradise (my garden), it's such sweet
What do you most dislike?
I don't like to waste time, it's so precious and you can't get
it back. I won’t/don't waste anyone else's time and won't/don't allow anyone else to waste my precious time.
In your own words, what would you say to inspire or encourage someone facing
breast cancer right now?
I'm here for you morning, noon, & night. I love you. Let's
look at all of your options before a decision is made because there are so many new
and innovative treatments available. Have faith, believe and never give up. When I
was diagnosed 21 years ago the survival rate was 75%, now the survival rate is 98-
99%. You're strong and courageous, we'll get through this together. Listen to your
doctors and be careful about whose advice you follow because many will offer. Sometimes it's good to just be still and quiet. Let's pray!
What is your favorite quote? This can be your own quote or words that you live by.
Generosity is Love in Action!
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