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One way to have a good day is to succeed at something you’ve never done before. The options are endless. So are the positive feelings that envelop you afterward. What should you try? Anything new. Dip your toes into an infinity pool or surf some waves on the ocean. The important thing is that you’re getting out there and grabbing one more good day.

9 new things to try. Ready, set … good day!

1. Cook up something new.
Find a recipe or attend a culinary class, then get down to business in the kitchen. Whether it’s a dish for yourself, a dinner for friends or a cake for that special someone, cooking is a great way to tap into your creative side and feed your soul – in more ways than one. It also offers a good reason to spend time and share with others. After all, who can argue with good food, good friends good times and good days?

2. Knit one, purl one … more good day.
The best way to keep from knitting your brows? Knit your own creations that you can wear or share. The great thing about this art of the stitch is that you can do it anywhere and everywhere, in a busy group setting or in the welcome quietude of a space that’s all your own. It even gives you a reason to watch your favorite movie… again. Even more inspiring, at the end of it all, you have something to show for it.

3. Race a dragon boat.
More than just a sport, this activity involves community spirit, culture and whole lot of fun. You can paddle your way through a festival, a organization race or a city you’ve never seen. And each person plays a unique role. So you get the benefit of being a very important part of the team – no matter which position you take. It’s a great way to stay in shape in a setting that thrives on human connectivity and passion.

4. Write it down.
Everybody has a story, and you’re living quite a momentous chapter of your life right now. Write about it. Keep a journal to remind you where you’ve been and what you encountered on your journey through breast cancer. Or keep it as notes, a transcript for your own autobiography. The blank pages of a journal are silent, patient listeners. Use them, express your feelings and dream your dreams.

5. Move your feet to the beat.
That’s right. Try your hand (and your feet) at dancing. Let the rhythm take you somewhere new – whether it’s in your living room, in front of a mirror or in a dance studio. Why not take a lesson? From ballroom to hip-hop you’re sure to find a style that appeals to your moves and your grooves. One of the organizations we’ve teamed up with takes it up a notch with Dancing With the Survivors. You’re paired with a professional dancer for six weeks of training for one evening of fun to celebrate a nationwide community of survivors with music, dinner and entertainment. Learn more at

6. Host a themed dinner party.
You might already own the title of host or hostess with the mostest. Or maybe you’re not big on entertaining at all. Either way, planning a themed party is relatively easy – and really fun. How do you do it? Pick a theme (say, pizza). Ask each one of your guests to bring a pizza that represents something they like or love. Appetizers, salad and even dessert can be served up on a pizza crust, in a pie dish or on a hot pizza stone. The rules are flexible! And you decide how far you want to carry out the theme when it comes to décor, dress and drinks.

7. Swim with dolphins or swim with the sharks.
People who have done it will tell you: swimming with dolphins is healing and harmonious. They’ll also say there’s no better way to create happy memories than connecting to these amazing creatures in the calm of the deep blue. You just let it all go and swim with the flow. The dolphins, and the good day, will follow. OR for something completely different … try swimming with sharks. It might be hard to believe that we’d suggest the serene setting of swimming with dolphins in one moment and in the next the thrill-seeking adventures of swimming with sharks. But if it’s an exciting nerve-testing, nail-biting encounter you’re after, this may be the activity for you. You already know what it’s like to come face-to-face with some of your greatest fears. This time it’s on your terms. And the adrenaline rush you’ll experience is a surefire way to grab hold of one more good day.

8. Jump for joy.
Go skydiving! Once you take the leap, it’ll be a moment you’ll never forget. There are centers all around ready to help you through the thrill of a 120-mph free fall or a canopy ride that floats peacefully down to your landing area. Afraid of heights? No problem. Jump off a dock or a diving board. Or get on a trampoline. All of these activities release endorphins that give you a rush of excitement, a momentary feeling of freedom – and puts a spring in your step. Now that’s a good way to have a good day!

9. Make every step count.
Meet people who understand what it’s like to be in your shoes, by putting on your own – walking shoes, that is. Signing up for a breast cancer walk or race is a feel-good activity all the way around. It gives your body a good day – and your soul, knowing that every step helps to raise awareness for the cause. The Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure® is a great place to start. They welcome people of all ages and fitness levels, while raising funds for a cure, celebrating survivorship and honoring those who have lost the battle to the disease.