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Getting through the day after chemotherapy can be challenging. The most important advice is to be good to yourself. Listen to your body. Here are a few tips to help you have a good day. These can be tips for you or for caregivers, friends and family who are there for you and want to enrich your day.

1. Pamper yourself and stay hydrated.
Among many unpleasant side effects, chemo is known to dry out your skin. But you can fight back. Gather a few things you love: your favorite body lotion, bath gel and lip balm. Be good to yourself. Turn on your favorite music, grab some H²0 and relax.

2. Change into comfy clothes as soon as you walk in the door.
Maybe you already have them on. Good for you. If you didn’t wear them to your treatment, as soon as you walk in the door, change into your beloved comfy clothes. The sweater or sweatshirt that makes you feel warm and cozy, the roomy T-shirt that’s soft to the touch. It’s all about being comfortable and relaxed.

3. Get the right recipe.
Your taste buds take a dive because of the chemo drugs and the steroids. Look for cookbooks with recipes specifically for chemo patients -- recipes that can actually help with side effects and they’re healthy too. You can even recommend a recipe for your friends or family to make. There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal waiting for you, especially after a challenging day.

4. Get lost in your favorite book.
Love biographies, sci-fi or a current best-seller? Make sure you have something new to read when you get home. A stack of magazines can also keep you relaxed. Whether it’s escaping with a thriller or smiling your way through favorite rom-com movies can also take your mind off of things. One tip: take a break from cancer-related books and articles. Think of it as your escape plan for the day.

5. Indulge in Beauty.
A colorful bouquet of silk flower, photos of friends and family, a handmade craft made by your child – all placed where you can see them can make your home your oasis. And don’t forget to sit back and relax with your favorite music—a sure cure for staying calm.

6. Take a short walk or meditate.
You may be feeling a little weak or find yourself exhausted. If you’re up to it and the sun is shining, take a brief ten-minute walk outside or sit outside and meditate for a few minutes. Light exercise or meditation has been proven to lift spirits and boost energy levels.

7. Best friend’s spa day or night.
A soothing face mask, quick neck massage, a relaxing pot of tea. Sounds good right? Invite your best friend and enjoy a day at the spa. Quick tip for friends: a spa gift certificate is a great gift for anyone going through chemo. The power of human touch can really make a difference.