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Great Ways to Create Good Days: Our Top 5.

Our Models of Courage will be the first to tell you – there are good days. And they really count, especially when it comes to getting through the ones that just… aren’t. There are also ways to generate good days. Simple steps you can take as one who has or has had breast cancer. Thoughtful ideas you can bring to life as a supporter. We’ve listed ideas from our Models of Courage here to help you find ways to create more good days.

  1. Laugh yourself silly.

    Humor is a miracle worker. Send silly cards. Ask or tell jokes. Find or give the kind of reads that make you laugh. Watch comedies. Or call someone who always makes you crack up.

  2. Turn treatments into something more.

    Plan themed chemo treatments – with hats, snacks and silly gags. Have a picnic. Or pass out candy in the ward.

  3. Organize a Meal Train.

    Start one or yourself or create one for a patient. Don’t be afraid to ask. Or just do it. It will help organize your supporters to help provide meals and more in a true time of need.

  4. Share and share alike.

    Tell or ask to hear positive stories about people who have been in a similar place in their lives. Buy or bring magazines that you can chat about, laugh at or pass along later. Create a playlist for yourself or someone else.

  5. Get moving.

    Get up, get out and go for a walk – together. Sway to the rhythm of an upbeat song. Fly a kite. Or ask someone to go with you on a windy day and watch it dance in the wind.

More ways to have a good day.

  • Send fun-loving texts. A simple “XOXOXO” will do.
  • Go to a park and swing.
  • Find a new use for something old.
  • Finger paint.
  • Plant something and give it away.
  • Slurp a bowl of hot noodles with a friend.
  • Make or give a silly thank you card for someone who has helped give you a good day.
  • Read by candlelight.
  • Write a list of your own positive affirmations.
  • Meditate. Envision healing and reflect on the good things to come.